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Ao khoac kaki nam, ao khoac gio the thao nu, ao khoac nu du form dai, tai zalo chat mien phi ve may tinh, lords mobile cho may tinh

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Crystal thow
I had an Iphone 5 was very satisfied with it but it has suffered alot of cracks so i bought xiaomi note 7. I would not recommend this phone to anyone. Been using it since June, the battery dying very quickly. I dont play games at all. I have problems with the internet at home which i never had with Iphone or my Tablet, camera is wonderful, i do not know much other features.
Nhận xét từ : Crystal thow

I have redmi note 7 6gb RAM 128rom memory
Nhận xét từ : JoZo GT

its £145 now my mum has got it and i think its budget phone of 2019
Nhận xét từ : Bike-Alec

Chavez -SAUCE- Mendez
This guy's intro is lit
Nhận xét từ : Chavez -SAUCE- Mendez

Ognjen Radojkovic
This phone have Gorilla glass 5
Nhận xét từ : Ognjen Radojkovic

Rob S
Unless, the silicone case thats in the box brings it level to back of phone - anyone know at all???
Nhận xét từ : Rob S

Rob S
Don't like the way the camera lens on back protrudes from the back of camera body - put the phone down and that lens I would imagine would scratch and mark easily, can anyone tell me if thats happened with some of these phones that have protruding lens???? ...I would think you'd have to remember to put it down on a towel or soft cloth everytime .... anyone have one?
Nhận xét từ : Rob S

youtube user
no earphones :( :0 ????
Nhận xét từ : youtube user

Isaak Driessen
Watching this from my Redmi Note 7
Nhận xét từ : Isaak Driessen

Callum Bush
Mate I just picked up the 6gb ram Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 global version price brand new for the bargain price of £161.00 as a birthday present for my 12 year old niece!
Nhận xét từ : Callum Bush

KR _ronaN
Does it come with a fast charger?
Nhận xét từ : KR _ronaN

Nhận xét từ : TBP CHANNEL

Michael Knight
Just picked up a new redmi note 7 6 gb ram 64 gb global version for my niece for only £161.00 and 20p postage and £1.37 shipping insurance!
Nhận xét từ : Michael Knight

diego garcia
They are for sale in amazon:

Nhận xét từ : diego garcia

Glynn H M0LSG
Nhận xét từ : Glynn H M0LSG

Shadow Ghost
Why there is no headphones jack?
Nhận xét từ : Shadow Ghost

Shadow Ghost
I took it with out headphones?
Nhận xét từ : Shadow Ghost

Private E-Mail-Adresse
Why is the zooming in on pictures limited? I can never fully zoom in on pictures in my gallery, on Facebook, pretty much anywhere else. It's so annoying.
Nhận xét từ : Private E-Mail-Adresse

Marcos Trinidad
Can this do with boost mobile in the usa????
Nhận xét từ : Marcos Trinidad

Deimantaxx 123
Nhận xét từ : Deimantaxx 123

rajono mazvaikis
I love this guy
Nhận xét từ : rajono mazvaikis

Reza Esmaeili
Nice job. enjoyed this video.
Nhận xét từ : Reza Esmaeili

Craig Bassam
What do you believe to be a better choice.... This phone or the Honor Play? I'm done with paying stupid amounts for a phone and I'm torn between the 2. Coming from a Pixel 2 XL.
Nhận xét từ : Craig Bassam

Thought u said hate on the start instead of heat 😂
Nhận xét từ : Mester_Jo

Martina Fernandez
I'm waiting for my red pink edition 📱
Nhận xét từ : Martina Fernandez

John Gemeliaris
I want it badly man
Nhận xét từ : John Gemeliaris

Ombre Crystals
Mine is arriving soon.
Nhận xét từ : Ombre Crystals

T j
No offence but please do your homework m8 Gorilla glass 5 and Pie V9.0 :)
Nhận xét từ : T j

The Prodigy
I think this phone is better than an iPhone
Nhận xét từ : The Prodigy

Odane Allen
Does it have dual SIM slot?
Nhận xét từ : Odane Allen

Decision Reactions
Nhận xét từ : Decision Reactions

jheng nazal
Your so annoying reviewers .I like redmi note 7
Nhận xét từ : jheng nazal

jheng nazal
It's gorilla 5 both back n front .😆
Nhận xét từ : jheng nazal

Yusari Armika
Subscribing because English
Nhận xét từ : Yusari Armika

Has anyone had this phone since release? Has its performance deteriorated since then? Idk if I should buy it
Nhận xét từ : TheGreyGap

Tech Nickz
Front and back protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5
Nhận xét từ : Tech Nickz

I have one the same since one month, the screen was scratched I even didn't not used very well, I used only my fingers, now most of the screen was scratched, I reclaimed against Xiaomi, the phone and I'm sure they sell us a trash of Chinese people... I'm waiting my money back... Don't buy this phone it's very bad quality...I bought before also Umidigi Z2 and has a lots of troubles of hardware... These phones only trash and fragile like a Chinese women
Nhận xét từ : L'Artiste

Apit Sulaiman
now im using xmi rdmi 5 4gb ram 64gb rom version..is it worth to upgrade for this note 7??
Nhận xét từ : Apit Sulaiman

Md Fahim
note 7 boya camera 48 megapixel
Nhận xét từ : Md Fahim

Sebastian Vanhaeren
I have an iPhone 7plus.. worth the swap ?
Nhận xét từ : Sebastian Vanhaeren

Stephen Curry
Thanks for reviewing this phone
Nhận xét từ : Stephen Curry

Finally an English review
Nhận xét từ : Black_knight

ANDREW Bissett
Got mine in the post today and it's a great phone
Nhận xét từ : ANDREW Bissett

Mcowen Fran
Try installing Gcam.It improves the colour.And especially night mode
Nhận xét từ : Mcowen Fran

Main channnel
video: complains about something
video 2 seconds later: to be fair for 250 quid cant really complain

Nhận xét từ : Main channnel

do it work for pokemon go bro?? lets me know if it work i hope not lag on 4gb phone game
Nhận xét từ : VietRaiders

Mike T
Watching from my Redmi Note 7
Nhận xét từ : Mike T

mohamad masoud motiaian
I have an iphone se
Should I switch to redmi note 7?

Nhận xét từ : mohamad masoud motiaian

maria comino
Can gift note 7 don’t have a phone i have an ipad
Nhận xét từ : maria comino

3:08 actually painted plastic. jerryrig tested it
Nhận xét từ : VirtualSoldier

Joshua Lynn
Shit dude. A minute and a half in and you've already got a subscriber. Nicely done, good humor, lots of good info.
Nhận xét từ : Joshua Lynn

Kashif Kkk
that cost me 175 pounds from amazon and you got it for 250?
Nhận xét từ : Kashif Kkk

My redmi note 7 making me look white... When am calling via WhatsApp video call.. How can I fix it
Nhận xét từ : MIRAJ MIRAJ

Styx Gaming
how man storage does it have left when you unbox it?

please someone tell me

Nhận xét từ : Styx Gaming

Cindy Odang
Why is it called note does it have a s pen?
Nhận xét từ : Cindy Odang

Mr Gamerboy
Has this Phone Google ?
Nhận xét từ : Mr Gamerboy

Adonis Rutaqiuo
You have COZMO!!!
Nhận xét từ : Adonis Rutaqiuo

Agrim Texx
British\uk reviewers pleaaase put a british flag on your youtube video image in order to make a difference with indian reviewers videos which are also presented in english titles and I are flooding the subjects. Thxxxx
Nhận xét từ : Agrim Texx

Could you suggest me an upgrade from my iphone 7 plus 128 gb? I am interested in an Android with good camera and nice design but in the mid range cause i no longer want to blow my money haha . Thanks!!!
Nhận xét từ : AndreRochezza

I'm watching this because I just bought this phone but then enjoyed the laughung after every joke more than the review! Keep it up, lol
Nhận xét từ : komzies

I managed to just buy this phone brand new for £83.
Nhận xét từ : seasidegalaxystreet

Has it got face Id?
Nhận xét từ : ULTRA

Scorpio 72472
if you want 800 take pocophone for ~$300
Nhận xét từ : Scorpio 72472

Hussen Ahmad
Hi, does redmi note 7 have LED notification on front?, thanks.
Nhận xét từ : Hussen Ahmad

Aleksandar be together not the same
redmi note 7 outperform iCrap xs max and its 200$😂
Nhận xét từ : Aleksandar be together not the same

Karim Mohamed
ان شاء الله تليفونى ان شاء الله
Nhận xét từ : Karim Mohamed

Vic Damone
I just got one for 200 bucks! Coming Friday!
Nhận xét từ : Vic Damone

Your jokes are getting old....
Nhận xét từ : Bootoyz

Don't appreciate all your f**king around, just get to the points of the phone.
Nhận xét từ : musclesdude

Saadiq Moorman
Hey I just brought this phone I'm in the US I'm trying to figure out what carriers does this phone work on I have boost Mobile
Nhận xét từ : Saadiq Moorman

Raf Man
Talk about over-editing. Sheesh.
Nhận xét từ : Raf Man

NIJI Caraang
Next please Redmi 7 unboxing and whats good and bad to this phone, and game test pubg,mobile legends in full high graphics .And camera examples
Nhận xét từ : NIJI Caraang

Joshua Botha
Is this phone better than the Umidigi f1?
Nhận xét từ : Joshua Botha

Orhan Kaplan
18 Month Warranty
Nhận xét từ : Orhan Kaplan

Stephan Asdf
The main camera sensor on this phone is a half an inch, which is quite generous in this price range.
Nhận xét từ : Stephan Asdf

Evan Tamban
Pro mode, beastman! HAHAHAHA
Nhận xét từ : Evan Tamban

Hello, its a plastic frame, not metal.
Gorilla glass 5 front and back.
It has QC4 support.
It comes with Android 9 out of the box (global ver.)
140000+ in Antutu score.

Nhận xét từ : superdaddys69

xFlexx LIT
It has a plastic body (excluding back and front) You got that wrong you stated it was metal.
Nhận xét từ : xFlexx LIT

Emile Baute
can you install a costum rom on it?
Nhận xét từ : Emile Baute

George Fakis
Does it have a better camera than the honor 10 ?
Nhận xét từ : George Fakis

Mia Le chat
I own a iPhone 7 since 2016, will it be a good upgrade ? I want to get back to Android thanks
Nhận xét từ : Mia Le chat

Rashid Ali
hi, does redmi note 7 have LED notification on front?.
Nhận xét từ : Rashid Ali

Jasmeet Singh
Would really want it
Nhận xét từ : Jasmeet Singh

Brijesh Kumar
How many price
Nhận xét từ : Brijesh Kumar

Will the coupon still work up on till today
Nhận xét từ : AVI GDF

Mario Losberg
This phone, Honor 8x or Samsung a 50 ?
Nhận xét từ : Mario Losberg

The Spark
Does it have NFC?
Nhận xét từ : The Spark

Yusof Irfan
Redmi note 7:pro next vid pls
Nhận xét từ : Yusof Irfan

Xtreme Gameplay
Sit im from Philippines .
What is better the rn7 whith chinese rom or Global rom??

Nhận xét từ : Xtreme Gameplay

Иван Самодумов
Nhận xét từ : Иван Самодумов

Were do you buy it from in for Gbp
Nhận xét từ : PHONE GAMERZ

Rupayan Tudu
Impressive redmi Note 7 phone with superb camera.♥️😘😘👍👍
Nhận xét từ : Rupayan Tudu

Don Miguel Mago
Is it true that the global version is only AI 12mp+2mp? Pls answer! I'm planning to buy this weekend. Thank you!
Nhận xét từ : Don Miguel Mago

Achira Sanjana
PewDiePie reviewing phones now??🤣🤣🤣
Nhận xét từ : Achira Sanjana

alastair waters
250? I just bought it for £137 delivered in 3 days on aliexpress. Value for money and it has that in abundance! If you can look past the miui interface then get the Chinese version.
Nhận xét từ : alastair waters

Michael Justice
The 18 stands for 18 months warranty 👍
Nhận xét từ : Michael Justice

Gerry Kisyono
Stop with the jokes are not funny man
Nhận xét từ : Gerry Kisyono

Sóm Manna
Redmi Note 7 osm camera 😘
Nhận xét từ : Sóm Manna

Justin Zabala
I want that phone veru much because my phone is samsung j4+ and the cpu is snapdragon 425 but my phone can can play mobile legends. And im planing to buy that phone but my budget is not good.😅
Nhận xét từ : Justin Zabala

Nirvic Sarkar
ভাল লাগল আপনার মন্তব্য আমার জন্য অনেক ধন্যবাদ আপনার মন্তব্যের জন্য ধন্যবাদ জানাই আমার পথের আড়াল এই সব কিছুর জন্য আলাপ করার জন্য ধন্যবাদ জানাই
Nhận xét từ : Nirvic Sarkar

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